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Book Tracking System

Food Tracking System

Product Tracking System

Plants Protection Products Tracking System

Plants Protection Products Tracking System

RFID Tagler with Textile Products

HIF Global has produced transponders that make automatic tracking of these goods easy and effective for businesses that have a constant flow of goods, such as constantly clean laundry, uniforms, work clothes, medical clothes.

RFID Tagler Automation and Production Applications

Good information is of great importance in terms of making the right decision. It provides the opportunity to make more strategic decisions for companies that follow the production line data. With RFID tags manufactured by HID Global, it is possible to collect information about every product and product sub-components in the plant in the fastest and most accurate way.

Animal Tracking Applications with RFID Tags

HID has proven itself in the world following important assets such as animals, making it much easier, more controlled, and more efficient with animal tagging operations on farms, laboratories, zoos and even pet houses, with RFID tags specially developed for many animal feed applications.

Industry and Logistics Applications with HID RFID Tagler

RFID tags that are suitable for any kind of follow-up application with its experience in contactless identification and follow-up technologies.

Waste Management with RFID Tagler

For waste management applications for households or businesses, a tag with a unique ID number is attached to each waste container. This tag carries information about the container, the container owner, the address of the owner. When the container is removed by the garbage truck, the tag is read and the real time process of the container is processed in the system.

Product Verification and Tracking Systems

The best way to prove the reliability of products

KBS Fixture Tracing

We have made the inventory automation solution consisting of two components, hardware and software, compatible with the KBS (Public Expenditure and Accounting Information System) norms announced in December 2013. Our solution, which provides facilities for different inventory needs of public institutions, also created packages in 3 different categories.


With our RFID technologies we provide the convenience and efficiency for Professional applications like product tracking, patience tracking, ticket control.

Highly Preferred

Mobile Computers

Motorola, Psion, Honeywell, Datalogic Handheld Terminals and Car Terminals

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Barcode Scanners

Barcode reader, QR Code and barcode readers

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Barcode Printers

Toshiba TEC Label Printers, B-852, B-SX6, B-SX8 models. Toshiba label printer prices.

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Ubiqconn and Motorola Tablets

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HID Global Is The New Member of BOER Brands

HID Global Is The New Member of BOER Brands

HID Technologies on BOER's side


Intermec is now part of Honeywell

Intermec is now part of Honeywell

Intermec Products will be in stock very soon


BarTender® Did It Again

BarTender® Did It Again